The Spatial Representation of Time: Commemoration, Memorialisation and Memorial Spaces

Memorial spaces are reflections of social memory on spaces. They are also forms of transfer in which some of the events
and sufferings of societies are conveyed to today. In comparison with the memorial events in various societies, Turkey has
some distinctive forms and quantities.
This is an interdisciplinary research project conducted in Istanbul Technical University with the collaboration of four researchers
from landscape architecture, sociology, architecture, contemporart art and design. The field study is conducted in Çanakkale (Dardanelles) and Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park between 2014-2016.
One of the fundamental objectives of the research project include researching the spatial representations of memorials
along with the memorial spaces, and presenting their influence on the open urban spaces and users in relation with
memorial culture, memorial forms and monumentalization in Turkey.
Assist. Prof. Ebru Erbas Gurler / Istanbul Technical University
Assist. Prof. Cagatay Seckin / Istanbul Technical University
Dr. Ebru Yetiskin /  Istanbul Technical University
Research Asistant Basak Ozer /  Istanbul Technical University